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Napoleonic Tourist: Take a Vacation with History

The ultimate military tourist, Napoleon Bonaparte journeyed throughout Europe. With an eye for strategic advantage, and an understanding of the tactical value of the landscape, he demonstrated a unique appreciation for places and spaces.

Today, you too can journey with history as your guide. From the Peninsula to the gates of Moscow. From Stockholm to the Nile. The Napoleonic Era was one of turmoil, change, shifting alliances and treason. Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French and military genius defined the era. From battle to battle, campaign to campaign and nation to nation, follow the tracks of one of history's most intriguing characters.

NapoleonicTourist provides you with the opportunity to take a vacation with history; to follow the campaigns and to revel in tales of success, strategy, political intrigue and a time past; and to gain a greater appreciation of the natural environment, imbued with a deep, rich sense of history.

Self-Guided Touring

This site provides a evolving series of self-guided tours allowing you to define your own interests, path and pace and to consult a portable guide to enrich the experience. The guides are usable in the field or as planning tools to design your own custom tour. They also evolve through your participation. If you find ways in which the tours can be enhanced, improved or made more enjoyable for others, discussion forums invite your feedback.

Guided Tours

For those who want the full experience, tours are available guided by a passionate historian who will relate and regale with historical allusion and significance. Tours are available in a variety of different areas and offer the advantage of logistical pre-arrangement. All you have to do is relax and let yourself be carried off into the rich tapestry of Napoleonic Europe. We arrange for the guide, accommodations and transportation. We combine this with special events, guest speakers and visits to unique sites not normally accessible. An awesome experience!


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